This is a two-part workshop:

PART 1: Third Eye Activation

In this one-day powerful, dynamic workshop, you will learn the importance of third Eye Activation as a crucial element to ascension and increased psychic, intuitive and healing abilities. Participants will receive a series of instructions of how to open and activate their third eye as well as receive a powerful activation by Zarathustra.

Through the grace of Spirit, Zarathustra has been gifted with the power of transmission and being able to activate the third eye in just a few moments.

Third Eye Activation could result in:

  • Enhanced psychic abilities
  • Ability to visually see auric fields
  • Increased innate healing abilities
  • Sharpened intuition
  • Production of DMT which removes the illusion of duality
  • Access to alternate dimensions
  • Increased clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizent and clairsentient abilities

PART 2: How to Touch, Cleanse & Restore the Auric Field

After the third eye activation (which leads to enhanced psychic and intuitive abilities) participants are ready to step into a new paradigm of healing modality beyond the five senses and develop the ability to touch, cleanse and restore the auric field in a very short period of time. 

In this high speed healing modality Zarathustra will help you to raise your vibration to a higher frequency in a matter of seconds enabling you to become a much more effective psychic/healer equipped with advanced healing techniques far beyond your current capabilities.

By the end of this workshop, all participants are guaranteed to develop the ability to touch, cleanse and restore the auric field.


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