Theta Healing

The healing technique called “Theta Healing”, developed by an Idaho Falls woman named Vianna Stibal has only been used since the mid-90’s. After Stibal, an intuitive healer and naturopath was diagnosed with terminal lymphatic cancer, she was told she would not survive long and was in great pain. Using the technique she now calls “Theta Healing”, she was able to cure herself completely of cancer and remains cancer-free to this day. She gives us a brief explanation of the Theta Healing technique she developed in this video: https://youtu.be/0Ar8NUujDm4. The healer now travels around the world teaching the principles of Theta Healing to other spiritual healers so that even more people can be healed.

What is Theta Healing?

Based on the ancient concepts of intuition and meditation working in conjunction with modern science such as brain waves, Theta Healing takes advantage of the dominant state of Theta waves during deep meditation and accesses the calming force and openness to the wisdom of the universe they provide. Once the brain of the Theta Healer has entered a Theta wave-state, the Theta Healing can begin. Using a technique called “digging”, the Theta Healer determines what deep-rooted or subconscious beliefs are present and which are causing issues for the patient. The goal of digging is to get down to the most deeply-held beliefs on which all other beliefs are built. The problems may be physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual, but they are all rooted in the patient’s core belief system. By connecting with the superconscious or God, the Theta Healer can change the patient’s core beliefs and heal them from the pain and/or injury which they may have had since childhood.

What are Theta Waves?

All of us have five types of brainwaves which are able to be perceived by an electroencephalogram (EEG): Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. While all five types of brainwaves are present at any given time, there is always one wave which is more dominant, and each type of brainwave is associated with a different state of brain activity.

Beta waves are present when we are at our most alert and attentive. Alpha waves are perceptibly slower and are usually evident when we are in a very relaxed state or perhaps even daydreaming or meditating. Theta waves are present during states of deep meditation and hypnosis as well as during the REM period of sleep, and it is during this state when we are able to access the superconscious. When we have entered a Theta wave-state, we have entered our subconscious mind. It is from the subconscious mind that our dreams are generated and where our deepest thoughts and core beliefs are located—even those which we are not aware we have. Delta waves are formed during periods of the deepest sleep. Gamma waves are the fastest-frequency brain waves and are said to be able to connect the brain to all parts of itself resulting in maximum consciousness and performance.

How is Theta Healing Done?

Theta Healing embraces the theory that our DNA does not determine our physical condition, but the energies we encounter, along with all of our thoughts and experiences, do. Theta Healing operates on the principle that throughout our lives, we develop a core belief system which is a result of the world around us, our genetic memory, the way in which we are raised, and personal beliefs we have come to espouse over time. These core beliefs influence our day-to-day thoughts which can be either positive or negative, and negative thoughts, especially when they are frequently at hand, can have a serious negative impact on us, physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. Once in a deeply meditative, Theta-wave state, a Theta Healer is able to access our core beliefs and energies and literally change them in a way that will transform our negative thoughts to positive ones. Because our thoughts have such a strong influence over our feelings, including physical ones, receiving a Theta Healing can have a profound effect on our lives.

Theta Healing Techniques

While Theta Healing generally consists of the Theta healer entering a Theta wave state, accessing the superconscious (or God), and making changes to our beliefs, there are different techniques a Theta Healer may use depending on what the patient requires for healing. While there are many techniques, here is a brief explanation of a few of the most often-performed:


DNA Activation is a Theta Healing technique in which changes are made at a cellular level. The goal of this type of Theta Healing is manifold, but it focuses on strengthening and fortifying our DNA so that we are prepared to enter the next evolution of our world and our bodies. It is also said to increase psychic abilities and eradicate any buildup of toxins which we have likely been exposed to in our daily lives. The removal of these toxins can strengthen us physically as well as slow the aging process. Check out this video for more information about DNA Activation: https://youtu.be/7BKZaQD4jw0.


Muscle Testing also called Energy Testing or Applied Kinesiology is a Theta Healing technique in which we use the physical body’s reaction to certain stimuli to determine a patient’s core belief system or locate issues deep within the subconscious mind which a patient may not be able to tell us about. It can also tell us if the healing has been successful or whether further Theta Healing sessions are necessary for the patient’s health to be restored. Following are a few of the techniques commonly used in Muscle Testing:

FINGER TESTING: The finger test is one in which a finger and thumb form a circle and then a statement is made by the patient while he attempts to “break” the circle with another finger. The ease with which the circle can be broken through indicates the truthfulness of the statement. The negative energy produced by the lack of belief in the statement causes the muscles to weaken, and vice versa when a statement is true. Catherine Davis demonstrates a simple muscle technique for us here in this brief video: https://youtu.be/ypKUST0azUQ

BODY SWAY: This technique calls for a patient to stand up straight with the feet shoulder-width apart. As in Finger Testing, a statement is made by the patient. A true statement will result in the patient leaning forward, while a false statement will cause the patient’s body to angle backward.

ARM LEVER TEST: The Arm Lever Test requires the patient, while holding the same stance used above in the Body Sway technique, to extend the dominant arm straight out in front of him and repeat the words “Yes”, or “No” or declare his (or another’s) name while the Theta Healer pushes down on the arm. An incorrect name or reciting the word “No” should cause the arm to collapse easily when pushed down upon.



This technique refers to the process of learning how to access all seven planes of existence, maximizing our ability to achieve a state of true enlightenment. The objective of receiving a Seven Planes of Existence Theta Healing is to reconnect ourselves with each plane. Once in a Theta-state of deep meditation, the Theta Healer tunes into each of the Seven Planes of Existence and accesses the core beliefs present within each, adjusting them whenever necessary. Each plane “dictates” to the Theta Healer what healing needs to take place for the patient to benefit.  http://www.thetadnaactivation.com/medical2.html


Geometry of the Soul series two. Interplay of human profile and abstract elements on the subject of spirituality science creativity and human mind

This modality of Theta Healing focuses on the theory that we each abide by four distinct levels of beliefs. Most Theta Healers find it important to access all four belief levels in order to fully connect with the root of the patient’s entire belief system.  Once the belief which needs removal and replacement is accessed, the Theta Healer will visualize it leaving the patient and implement a new, restorative belief in its place. The Four Belief Levels are as follows:

  • CORE LEVEL BELIEFS describe those beliefs which are derived from our childhood on, throughout our education, experiences with family, teachers, and friends. It is here from where we draw our sense of who we are based on what others have told us.
  • GENETIC LEVEL BELIEFS are those which, while also derived from our family, are those which have been passed on at a genetic, or DNA, level. Although we did not consciously adopt these beliefs, they have a powerful impact on our belief system.
  • HISTORY LEVEL BELIEFS are based on beliefs which were developed during past lives and remain with us in our present life. They are also considered a result of the general beliefs of the collective consciousness.
  • SOUL LEVEL BELIEFS are those which are the most deeply-rooted and have been present within us for the longest time. They epitomize our belief system at its very essence.

It is important for Theta Healers to solidify their energy fields and protect themselves from rogue beliefs and energies as they open themselves up during a Theta Healing. This process is called “zipping up” and can be done by moving the hand across the front of the body upwards and over the top of the head. By zipping up before you begin, you can ensure your energy field is strong and protected enough to provide an excellent Theta Healing.

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