Illness, disease, and mental disorders are all things humans are confronted with as a part of life, whether in ourselves or our loved ones. Throughout history, efforts have been made to combat or cure our ailments, from minor physical irritations such as the common cold to more serious illnesses such as cancer. Although modern medicine did not make its greatest strides until the 19th century, spiritual healing has been practiced in its many forms for thousands of years, and many modalities have maintained the same fundamental techniques throughout that time. It’s important to note that spiritual healing and modern medicine are not incompatible, however, and are frequently used as a complement to each other to heal the whole person—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Historically, one of the most famous spiritual healers was Jesus, who is documented to have healed many people with various ailments including blindness, leprosy, and insanity. Using techniques such as the laying on of hands, applying mud or saliva to the body, and having the afflicted person touch his garments, he was able to cure them completely of their physical suffering. There are also documented incidents of his disciples demonstrating the ability to heal the ailing and infirm in Jesus’ name in several different books of the New Testament. The laying on of hands is a ritual still prevalent in the Catholic Church today, and is used routinely in sacraments such as baptism, confirmation, and the ordination of priests, and is performed to facilitate the channeling of the Holy Spirit into the person receiving the sacrament.

While modern medicine generally asserts that physical problems are rooted in the physical being (with the exception of psychosomatic illnesses), the practice of spiritual healing is based on the belief that physical disorders are rooted in issues with the spiritual being. The spiritual healer maintains that addressing these spiritual issues, which often include an imbalance of negative and positive energies, is the key to healing many physical ailments.

Gifts of the Spiritual Healer

The gifts of the spiritual healer are many. Naturally drawn to those who are in need of help in combatting some sort of physical or mental affliction, spiritual healers are often quite psychic and able to sense when someone around them might benefit from their wisdom and healing powers. They are also able to draw prana, or good energy, from outside of themselves and infuse it into those for whom bad energy is overwhelming the good, acting as a channel for the positive energy to enter through. Practitioners of spiritual healing, or spiritual healers, often feel they were called to the vocation and are compelled to help those around them who they can sense are suffering and in need of healing.

Spiritual Healing Methods

Spiritual healers usually employ a multitude of different techniques in order to help their patients, although some may choose to specialize in one or two specific areas based on their specific skills or on the modality with which they have had the most success. Some healing rituals may be performed using physical touch in a very personal setting, while some can be performed from a great distance—even across oceans and continents. While there are a number of different methods used in spiritual healing, many require a combination of some sort of meditation, visualization, and an effort by both patient and healer to increase good energy also called prana or chi.

Below are a few common techniques used by spiritual healers:


Reiki is a Japanese word that combines two words: “rei” meaning “universal” and “ki” meaning “life energy force”. In the case of Reiki, the spiritual healer is called a “Reiki master”. The Reiki master uses physical touch to ascertain whether there is an imbalance of energies present and if so, what needs to be done to achieve balance, a process called attunement.  Once the specific needs of the patient have been determined, the Reiki master channels a flow of good energy into his patient and balances the energies that are present within him. This works to stimulate the overall health of the patient and remove the bad energy that was causing any physical, mental and/or emotional problems. Although there are a number of variants of the practice of Reiki, this basic “hands-on” technique is employed in most all of them. Some Reiki schools utilize symbols of sacred geometry in their healing. Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is believed that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. These patterns are symbolic of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness. The students receive attunements and energy through these symbols creating a "new" combination of healing energies. 


Chakra Balancing and Clearing 

When the chakras are out of balance or “blocked”, it can be manifested in the form of physical or emotional ailments. With the aid of a trained spiritual healer, the state of the chakras can be determined to discern the necessary treatment.  Depending on the result of this process, the chakras can then be unblocked and/or restored to their proper, balanced state, bringing the body and mind back into a state of alignment and making them receptive to engendering the flow of positive energy.

Crystal Healing

Using specific colors and types of crystals, practitioners of crystal therapy place the stones upon targeted locations on the body, often in relation to the chakras. Crystals may also be placed strategically around the body in an effort to draw in energy to the patient while simultaneously protecting the body from absorbing negative energy. The type and color of the crystals may be chosen to correspond specifically with the individual undergoing the crystal therapy or may be selected for its harmony with a particular chakra. Frequently used crystals during this type of therapy include rose quartz, tourmaline, clear quartz, citrine, aventurine, carnelian, and amethyst.

Quantum Healing

The term "quantum healing" has been defined as the "ability of one mode of consciousness (the mind) to spontaneously correct the mistakes in another mode of consciousness (the body)".  Based on the theories of quantum physics, which try to understand the state of the world by viewing it at atomic and sub-atomic levels, quantum healing posits that the physical state of the body and mind is affected by a hidden consciousness that is so deeply-rooted we may not even be aware it exists, let alone possess the ability to access it. By tapping into this consciousness, we can repair ourselves at our most basic “sub-atomic” level, which creates a foundation for true health, both physical and spiritual.

In addition to performing healing rituals, there are other ways a spiritual healer can restore your well-being. While serious problems require more direct intervention and the presence of a skilled spiritual healer, they may also provide you with tools that can help you to maintain spiritual health independently. One of the skills which can be very helpful for spiritual self-healing is meditation, through which your consciousness can be cleared, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the needs of your physical and emotional being. Learning how to meditate properly with the aid of spiritual healer can be very beneficial, as a spiritual healer can advise you on the proper form and techniques that will assure you of success in your autonomous meditation sessions. Your healer may also be able to bestow upon you a personal mantra which you may use during meditation to achieve a deeper meditative state. Affirmations and prayers may also be provided by your spiritual healer which can help you develop a stronger sense of physical and spiritual well-being. Deep breathing techniques, in which the inhalations are retained for a certain count and exhalations are extended may also help you achieve a state of inner peace when on your own. All of these skills and techniques, when done correctly, can work together or independently to improve your overall health in every way.

If your goals include increasing good energy and positivity in your life and eliminating poor health and negative thoughts, the help of a spiritual healer can be very beneficial. Choosing a spiritual healer who is skilled in performing the modalities which are most helpful to you personally is paramount. It is also important to feel comfortable with your healer so that you will be able to be receptive to what will be a very personal experience. Your relationship with your spiritual healer will likely be a lifelong one, so be sure to choose one to whom you feel spiritually connected. While you may not be receiving healing treatments from your spiritual healer every day or even every week, you will be employing the knowledge he imparts to you to impact your daily life and to help shape both your physical and spiritual health.

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing 

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is a shamanic practice performed by a healer who has access to the subatomic field of energy. From this realm, an extraordinary intelligence becomes available which can lead to seemingly miraculous outcomes. A 5th-dimensional quantum healer is able to reconnect people with Source Energy by removing obstacles and opening channels that are not normally available in the 3rd-dimensional field. Physical ailments can improve because at the Quantum Level, subatomic particles break down inflammation, move bones and accelerate the healing process. Emotional issues can be addressed because the very energy that created them can be transformed in the 5th-dimensional realm.

The cells in your body vibrate at a certain frequency, so when this exchange of information occurs, healing can happen very quickly because the cells will remember their original DNA memory. It first happens at the spiritual level, and then permeates the emotional level and finally the physical body, releasing the root cause of dis-ease.  As your vibration increases, your consciousness will shift. This is how awakening happens and you are able to remember that you are a multi-sensory, multidimensional being, capable of healing yourself when reconnected to your Source.

About Zarathustra

Internationally known founder of 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing and Awareness, Zarathustra is a spiritual teacher and master healer who has dedicated his life to elevating human consciousness. After 30 years of studying with Eastern and Western masters from across the globe, Zarathustra started receiving a series of downloads from beings identifying themselves as his “5th Dimensional Guides” giving him innate abilities to perform psychic surgery, “x-ray vision”, and turned his right hand into a high-frequency transmitter.  Zarathustra now travels the world offering workshops with transformative spiritual understandings, 3rd eye activations, and shamanic healing to deeply alchemize your consciousness, heal your mental, emotional and physical body… and ultimately bring you back to that place of silence and stillness within your being where the “real you” exists. By divine guidance, Zarathustra emerges to lead our consciousness to the 5th Dimension. https://5thdimensionalhealing.com/

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