“Discover the Inner Treasures of a Silent Mind and an Open Heart”

It’s time to start believing in yourself again and remember that love is your inner strength. Love is your power and love wins everything in the end.

This workshop is the very foundation of all of Zarathustra’s work. Understanding and mastering the teachings contained in this workshop will lead you to a life of bliss and happiness.

In this 2 & 1/2 day dynamic workshop, Zarathustra will guide us to discover the hidden treasure and the secret to inner freedom, happiness and an open heart. Long ago, Zarathustra discovered that love is the true healer. When we begin to love & accept ourselves fully, healing automatically happens. However it is not easy to come to this simple understanding when the mind is so busy and full of judgements. The thinking mind is very identified with past regrets or future projections. Therefore, our minds become the root cause of our suffering.

The vast majority of us are deeply suffering from our childhood wounds: abandonment issues, a deep sense of loneliness, and a lack of ability to connect with others has lead us into this deep abyss of despair. We go through our lives with a tremendous amount of self-judgement, feeling we are not good enough and we are not worthy of love. This eventually leads us to a myriad of life-long emotional and health issues.

Zarathustra has skillfully developed a very potent and effective workshop which:

1.  Will help us to identify our deep emotional wounds and blockages

2.  Will begin a process to decondition our life-long negative programming

3.  Will give us the tools and the know-how to heal our wounds and help remove our blockages both emotionally and physically

4.  Will help us raise our vibrations to a healthy frequency which transforms our psyche into a state of happiness and love

5.  Will give us the know-how to permanently maintain our new level of consciousness

6.  Will teach us how to quiet our mind, discover inner-peace and keep our hearts open and ultimately return to the love within.

RETURN TO LOVE WORKSHOP playfully leads us on a journey of deep self-inquiry into the nature of our own existence beyond the busy mind. This is an interactive workshop that is filled with laughter, dancing, self-love affirmations, meditation and reconnecting with ourselves and others.

Thousands of participants in Zarathustra’s workshops have gone through a major life change, discovered inner peace and true love, and have entered into a deep sense of gratitude and joy after receiving his teachings.

“You come from the land of love, you represent love on this planet, and love is your birthright. No force can take your Divinity away from you. Remember your goodness again. Remember that you are worthy and you are loved. You are LOVE Itself! No matter how many people you encounter that disappoint you, never betray your commitment to your own heart and your self-love.” - Zarathustra


FRI    16:30

Course Times:

FRI    17:00-21:00    

SAT    10:00- 18:00

SUN     10:00- 18:00


3,000 NOK for first 20 participants (3,500 NOK thereafter)

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