Psychics & Mediums

While sometimes erroneously used interchangeably with the word “psychic”, a medium is a person who uses their psychic abilities specifically to connect with those in the spirit world, usually to glean information about the past, present, or future with the objective of helping someone who remains in the physical world. While all mediums must possess psychic abilities, which enable them to make contact with the spirit world, many psychics are not mediums, focusing instead on taking cues from the energy surrounding the person with whom they are working rather than connecting to the spirit world. So, the primary difference is that while psychics receive energies from the living, mediums specialize in connecting with those who have already passed over to the spiritual world. Some refer to this spiritual world as “heaven”, “the afterlife”, or “the next realm”.

Etymology of the Word “Psychic”

The word “psychic” is derived from the Greek word, “psychikos” meaning both “of the mind” as well as “soul”. In Greek mythology, Psyche was the Goddess of the Soul. When Zeus saw the magnitude of her love for Eros, the God of Love, he transformed her into a goddess so she and Eros they could live together forever.

The Gifts of the Psychic

Psychics use extrasensory perception (ESP), also referred to as the sixth sense, to “read” the auric field, or energy, that surrounds a person, and intuit things about the person which can be used to help them. In the mind of a psychic, information may be received through clairvoyance (seeing information), clairaudience (hearing information), clairsentience (feeling energy) and claircognizance (simply “knowing” information) which can help the recipient of the reading. Not all psychics possess all four of these gifts, or if they do, for whatever reason, may not be able to access all of them. There are some psychics who are also able to see into the future, called precognition. Those psychics must conscientiously choose what information, if any, to share about the future with their clients and which may not be beneficial to impart.

Who is Psychic?

Many people think that all of us have some degree of psychic ability, but most are not aware of it or dismiss their psychic ability as instances of coincidence or happenstance. Some people may be aware of their abilities, but don’t develop them fully or trust their intuition enough to make others aware of their talent. The most gifted psychics are not only aware of their abilities but spend time honing them to the point that they know they can rely on them and confidently share them with others.

The Ethics of the Psychic

The best psychics also operate under a self-imposed code of ethics, although there is no professional organization which supplies a code of ethics for psychics and such a code is not mandated legally in any state. Many psychics choose to only provide readings for people when they feel they can be of help to them in some way. Some psychics, when faced with information gleaned from a subject’s energy that tells them of impending death or serious illness, do not relay that information, choosing instead to allow their subject to find that information out on their own timeline. The goal of the ethical psychic is to first, much like the Hippocratic Oath adhered to by medical doctors, “do no harm” and always provide readings with a goal of working for the benefit of their clients.

Psychic Reading Settings

While a psychic reading can certainly happen “off the cuff”, or spontaneously, because someone’s auric energy field has made itself known to the psychic in some way, many psychics prefer to provide readings in an atmosphere more conducive to receiving energies from their clients. The first and most crucial step is to clear the space in which you will be doing psychic readings of any negative energy. Not only will this eliminate negative energy from entering into or interfering with your psychic readings, it will also be evident to your clients as they enter that the space they are coming into is a positive and loving one. Another important step for creating an ideal psychic reading space is to use candles to help clean the air in and around it. This can also be done by burning incense or sage, or through a technique called sweeping, in which you use your hands to physically “sweep” the negative energy out of the room or designated psychic reading area.

Psychic Readings from a Distance

There are also many psychics who are capable of doing distance readings. These readings may be done via a videophone program such as Skype, using email or texting, or simply talking over the telephone. Not all psychics feel comfortable using all the above communication media for doing readings, however. There are some psychics who find it necessary to be in the presence of their client, finding it advantageous to see their facial expressions and other physical cues throughout the reading. Other psychics find they prefer a more anonymous or “blind” approach so the reading cannot be influenced by their client’s looks or style of dress.

The Gifts of the Medium

Most people choose to receive a psychic reading in order to help them find guidance in their lives or make choices about their future. Those who opt to see a medium, on the other hand, are usually seeking a (re)connection with someone close to them who has died. There are many reasons for doing this. One reason for seeing a medium may be to find reassurance about a loved one who may have died suddenly or in a traumatic way. Having a medium connect with them on the other side, and relaying information from the deceased, can be a wonderful way to resolve what may be a feeling of unease surrounding the death. Hearing from someone you love who has died—via the connection of the medium to the spirit world—can bring about a renewed sense of peace once you have connected with your loved one who has passed over. You may also wish to resolve issues such as feelings of guilt as a result of wrongdoing on one of your parts. Many recipients of a reading from a medium report that it helped them through the grieving process after the loss of the loved one. Connecting with the other side with the help of a medium can help us feel better about the idea of death, and view it as a natural part of life.

What to Expect During a Reading with a Medium

When you decide to have a medium give you a reading, it’s important to approach it with a completely open mind. The fewer expectations you have about what will happen and with whom you will connect during your reading, the better. The medium acts as a conduit between you and the spirit world and merely opens herself up to the spirits who are interested in connecting with you so that they can communicate with you through her. What the spirits choose to communicate is up to them, however, so you may not get answers to specific questions you have for them. Being open to whatever information you receive is the best mindset with which to approach a reading through a medium.

Mediums and Precognition

Although mediums are able to connect with the spirit world, they don’t generally “predict” the future via precognition. Having a reading can certainly affect a client’s future, however, in that it can free them of negative thoughts and energies which are holding them back in the present and allow them to open themselves up to more positive vibrations. When someone you love has passed over, you can wallow in the pain of grief for too long and allow yourself to become stuck in a rut. Having a medium connect with the person you are grieving can help give you the push you need to pull yourself out of that space of immobility and sadness. Therefore, a reading through a medium can have a significant impact on your future. Mediums may also receive messages from those in the spirit world regarding your future, but they never know if or when that information will come through, or if the prediction will bear out due to the existence of free will.

The Impact of Free Will

While both psychics and mediums may receive some information about the future, it is impossible to guarantee such predictions as humans have been given the gift of free will. The concept of free will means we each have the power to make our own choices regarding our lives. Although a precognition or spirit message may present itself about your future, whether it happens or not will be determined by the choices you make in your life. For example, a psychic may intuit a future vision of you with three children later in life, but if you choose to take steps to make pregnancy impossible, you have exercised your free will to make your own choices and design your own future.

Ultimately, the information we receive from psychics and mediums can benefit us if we are prepared to receive it in the right way and limit our expectations for the results of a reading. In this way, we allow ourselves to take from it what we feel helps us, leave behind what we feel does not, and, using that information, make choices about our lives based on our own free will.


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