Why Private Sessions?

Bring your real issues to Zarathustra for a consultation. Zarathustra will assess your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies and provide you with the proper guidance and personalized solution for your needs.

What We Address?

Is your mind very busy? Do you lack the feelings of self-love and self-acceptance? Do you have the feelings of abandonment? Do you hate yourself? Do you think you're not good enough? Have you made the wrong decision in life? Or maybe your are on your spiritual journey searching for answers. If you have spiritual, health, or emotional problems Zarathustra is here to help take you step by step to your greatest and highest good.

Your Solution

Zarathustra will provide with you with proper tools and techniques, clear guidance and long term solutions to help you solve your problems and achieve your physical, emotional and spiritual goals.

"I struggled for years with constant panic and anxiety. Instantly from the moment the session started to months later I've been able to find my peace again. I don't know why I waited so long but THANK YOU"

Jennifer Baxter

"My mind has always busy and my life is always busy. I was always too busy. Your sessions helped me find a calmer place in my head and to calm my super hectic schedule.  I am taking deep breaths, connecting within and I finally have time to spend with my family and loved ones again." Michelle Marks