While healing the human body through energy is a concept that has been put into practice for thousands of years, the technique called Pranic Healing is relatively new. The word “pranic”, derived from the Sanskrit word “prana” meaning life-force or chi, is simply another way to describe the energy field that is found within and surrounding the physical body. Prana is derived from the sun, water, and earth and we encourage its presence within us by exposing our bodies to sunlight, bodies of water, and the consumption of plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Developed over a period of 20 years by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing, there are now more than 120 Pranic Healing Centers located around the world.  Sui built healing clinics near his home in the Philippines to put various energy healing techniques to the test and determine which ones were the most effective.  Over a period of years, the results were analyzed and Sui developed the concept of Pranic Healing, gleaned from focusing only on the techniques which were deemed to have the highest rates of effective healing.  These studies and clinics were staffed not only by the best and most intuitive healers he could find, but also by traditional medical doctors and nurses who worked alongside them and supervised the daily activity and, eventually, results of the research.

Many practitioners of Pranic Healing find it to be a more modernized approach to healing the body’s energy.  While Pranic Healing employs a number of different modalities, they all share a common element in that there is no physical touch involved and the techniques are completely non-invasive.  The most basic tenet of Pranic Healing is that the body is capable of healing itself through prana, or life-force energy. The concept is that by augmenting or improving our prana, we are better equipped to fight off diseases and other ailments.  When our physical wellness is compromised, we can heal ourselves using our own life-force, if it has been reinforced and strengthened. In addition to helping us ward off and defeat physical disorders such as cancer and migraines, the benefits of Pranic Healing have even been shown to help us improve in the areas of finance, education, and the care of children and pets. As with many types of energy-based healing, Pranic Healing is meant to be used only as a complement to traditional medical care, and is not meant to be used in lieu of treatment by a medical doctor.

Putting Pranic Healing into Practice

While Pranic Healing shares some similarities with the practices of Reiki and Acupuncture, it is considered both simpler to learn and to put into practice than those and many other healing techniques. There are six steps of Pranic healing:

Clearing of Negativity

The objective of this step is to rid the body of any negative thoughts or emotions and help clear the way for Prana to flow through it.  This helps prepare the body for healing by removing any blockages which may be caused by negativity and bring the mind into a state of positivity which creates a more open and receptive environment for the acquisition of prana.

Pranic Breathing

Using a variety of breathing techniques, including rhythmic breathing, retained inhalation, measured exhalation, and deep breathing, Pranic Breathing allows for maximum amounts of prana to be taken into the physical body, increasing energy as a result. It also allows any residual negative energy to exit through prolonged or measured exhalation.

Energy Manipulation

There are three components to this third step of Pranic Healing:

  • Pranic Scanning

The practice of Pranic Scanning allows the healer to survey the chakras and determine if there are differentiations in size as well as the condition of each one. It may be determined during scanning that some chakras are larger or slower-moving than others (demonstrating an imbalance), as well as whether energy is lacking or overabundant in a particular chakra. It can also expose any vulnerabilities you may have which may not have presented any symptoms yet but could cause future problems if action is not taken to mitigate them.

  • Pranic Sweeping

This technique uses a process in which the hands are “swept” over the energy fields of the body, usually from a distance of about 12 inches away. It is typically done from head to feet, both front and back, and from five to ten times on each side. Sometimes it is necessary to focus on a specific area if congestion or bad energy is present there. If negative energy or congestion is found, the healer will shake or flick it off of his hands and away from the patient (or others) before proceeding.

  • Pranic Energizing

Once the body has been cleared of negativity and bad prana, it is ready to be energized through the process of Prana Energizing.  This technique allows the practitioner to focus on specific areas that need rebuilding or healing and involves the placement of hands over specific chakras accompanied by the visualization of prana entering them, replacing negative energy with positive.

Energetic Hygiene

The Pranic practice of energetic hygiene is meant to allow you to maintain a clean aura and protect the cleansing that you’ve experienced as a part of your Pranic Healing. It also helps to increase energy as well as continuously remove any new negative energy that you may have been exposed to or that has been created naturally by the body as a result of chakras casting it out. There are a number of ways in which this is facilitated. A good first step is by keeping your living space clean and rid of toxins and increasing or introducing fresh air into your home, which will ramp up the flow of prana in your immediate surroundings. You may also choose to burn sandalwood in your home to help remove any negative energies which may be lurking. Keeping your physical body clean is also important, and applying a salt scrub or adding a few pounds of salt to your bath can be very energizing to the body. In addition, exercising vigorously allows the body to naturally rid itself of toxins and make room for good energy to enter into it.

Pranic Meditation

While meditation is certainly not unique to Pranic Healing practices, there is a particular meditation which is recommended as a complement and necessary part of Pranic Healing. Called “Meditation on Twin Hearts”, it begins with acknowledging the presence of a higher spiritual power and eliminating any negativity which may be residing within you.  The next step is to create positive vibrations within the mind by recalling a time in your life when you felt complete happiness and your heart was full of love. The objective of this meditation is to fully open your heart chakra (representing your emotional heart) as well as your crown chakra (representing your spiritual heart). By opening these chakras as much and as frequently as possible, we allow ourselves to be available to receive maximum prana .

Energy-generating Exercises

There are two exercises in Pranic Healing which work specifically to help rejuvenate and stimulate energy growth within the body.  The first is called “Tibetan Yogic Exercise” and consists of five “Tibetan Rites” or rituals which can be completed in ten minutes or less. This exercise is also called the “Fountain of Youth” due to the benefits it has shown to provide people well into senior citizen status, especially if they are practiced daily. This series of five yogic stretches aids in opening up the body and helps facilitate the introduction of more prana. The second practice is called “Mentalphysics Exercises”, a set of breathing techniques which can take up to an hour to complete, although a modified, 9-minute adaptation of this practice has been created in order to make it more accessible to the modern practitioner. The series consists of eight “Key Yogic Breaths” which are done with the intention of breathing in prana and allowing it to permeate the physical body, including all of the bones and organs. Each breath is accompanied by its own affirmation.

Much like the energy healing practice of yoga, Pranic Healing can be put into practice quickly and the benefits felt almost immediately. Also like Yoga, there are many aspects of Pranic Healing which take a lifetime to master, and frequent practice is necessary in order to feel the full rewards of completing all of the steps above. While you will likely feel an initial rush from the yogic stretches and meditating on positive life experiences, more dramatic changes will occur once you are able to fully immerse yourself in meditation and complete the most difficult yoga poses and breathing exercises.  Creating a routine for yourself in which Pranic Healing becomes a part of your daily life, especially the last step involving the Tibetan Yogic Exercise and eight “Key Yogic Breaths”, will ensure the acquisition of all of the benefits Pranic Healing has to offer.

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