19:00- 21:00 

Location: Saalbau Gutleut Rottweiler Str. 32  60327 Frankfurt

Intro to 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing & Awareness

Zarathustra will be presenting an introduction to what 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is and explaining how it works. He will share with you his spiritual background, quest and challenges as well as his journey to awakening. Then he will talk about man’s common desire for inner peace, love and oneness and how we can achieve this goal by raising our vibrations to 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency by a guided active meditation. Towards the end of the event he will invite one or two people from the audience and demonstrate the power of 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing and how love can heal everything. There will be time for questions and answers.

Further information:

Personal Sessions: Zarathustra would like to hear about the individuals concerns and what the person would like to achieve out of their session. Then he will do a reading by looking at the persons auric field to see if the person's aura is intact and what needs to be done. After that the healing session begins. At the end of the session Zarathustra will assess the individuals physical, spiritual and emotional bodies and provide him /her with the proper guidance and personalized solution for their needs.

For more information, please contact event coordinator:

Brita Dahlberg Tel: 49 (0)69 - 51 67 55   Email: BDahlberg@frankfurter-ring.de