Are you suffering from anxiety, negative thoughts, lack of self-love & self-acceptance, or simply seeking peace of mind and self-realization? You may want to ask yourself what your life would be like if you were not struggling with a busy mind with thousands of thoughts running through it per second and a constant feeling of emotional emptiness, and thoughts like “I’m not loved enough”, “I’m not good enough”, or “I’m not worthy enough to receive love, abundance and freedom.”
Zarathustra has helped thousands of people from all over the world to discover their own inner peace and bliss by very simple methods and techniques in just a weekend. By participating in this 2 day powerful dynamic workshop, you will receive the tools to achieve inner peace, a quiet mind and a blissful life free from fear and anxiety.  You will also learn to open your heart, reconnect with Source Energy and get connected to your inner wisdom and Divine Self.  You will then experience a profound sense of self-love and self-acceptance.
You will also learn how to heal yourself and others by raising your vibration to a higher frequency. Zarathustra has created a series of simple and effective practices and techniques that anyone from any background can learn. He will guide you in exercises that almost immediately empower you with tools you can use to heal yourself and others.

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is for everyone — it is tangible, accessible and it is easily reached and you can actually feel it within the first few moments of activation! Zarathustra’s 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is the most advanced healing modality on the planet. It is a powerful hands-on healing that activates your ability to become a powerful healing channel.


$245 earlybird  (for first 40 people to register) $345 thereafter

*NOTE: Earlybird discount for the first 40 people only

 Here is what some people have said:

 “I had a very dramatic healing both mentally and physically after my first workshop with Zarathustra. I’ve opened up my heart more and more, I have the joy of life back, I can move easier, my psychic abilities are increasing and I feel so much more connected to God. Nothing is impossible anymore. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for me! “- Maryam Sadyr

“I’m feeling FANTASTIC! I’m finally free of my horrible depression. Thank you so much, there is no way to describe how grateful I am for your life-transforming teachings.” – Behnam Hakimi
If you have questions please contact event coordinator
Call SHEILA 323-647-1447

 PLEASE NOTE:  5th Dimensional Quantum Healing & Awareness has a NO REFUND policy. All sales are final. There are no refunds.