Shamanic Extraction

Using shamanic extraction, shamans locate “misplaced energy” within the body and remove it, creating space for good energy to enter into its place and allowing the ailments of a patient to become healed. The shamanic extraction technique is just one of the many ways in which shamans heal the afflicted, and it has been practiced in varying techniques and methodologies for many centuries by the most gifted of shamans. Different styles of shamanic extraction are performed all over the world, but the objective is always to heal through their special connection outside of our physical realm.

What is a Shaman?

Shamans are healers who have a unique connection with the spirit world. Unlike traditional Western-trained medical doctors, shamans are able to “travel” spiritually to other realms and help us to become whole in whatever way we need it, be it physically, mentally, or spiritually. The word “shaman” has been used in many cultures and there is some debate about its origin. There are references to shamans as “priests of Ural-Altaic peoples” in Russian literature dating back to the 1690’s after Russians invaded Siberia and encountered the Evenk people. The Evenks used the word “shaman” to describe their spiritual leaders, who were those who had “mastered spirits”. This meant that they had achieved the ability to have control over spirits, summoning and connecting with them in order to heal their patients. Although the word shaman has been used to describe Native American healers, this is incorrect and shaman is not a word in any Native American dialect. The title of shaman is also used in English and Spanish to describe spiritual healers with special gifts.

How Does Shamanic Extraction Work?

Shamans are able to “see” and connect with spirits in the non-physical world, and, using the information gleaned from their journey, determine if there is misplaced energy present within their patient. The shaman then uses the technique of shamanic extraction to remove it. This misplaced energy is also called an “intrusion”, and its presence can cause physical, mental, or emotional disorders and/or pain. In order to begin the shamanic extraction, the shaman must first enter into a different state of consciousness. Shamans achieve this through different means, but generally, shamans enter into an intense meditative state in order to connect with helping spirits in other realms who will guide them on their journey.

Once the shaman has entered this altered state, and the helping spirits have assisted them in determining where the misplaced energy is present in the patient’s body, the shamanic extraction can begin. Using his third eye, the shaman “sees” the intrusion and totally focuses his energy on the misplaced energy. Then the shaman physically “pulls” the misplaced energy out of the patient using his hand and throws it away where the energy will not come into contact with another person. Some shamans employ a “sucking” technique wherein the intrusion is sucked out of the body at its source and spat out to the side and away from the patient and others. It is generally recommended that this technique is practiced by only the most talented and experienced shamans, as ingesting misplaced energy can have potentially dangerous side effects. Click here to view an example of a shamanic extraction: https://youtu.be/C4KUJT4g4Ek. In this video of Zarathustra, you may hear certain sounds the shaman is making during the shamanic extraction ritual. The noises the spiritual healer is making are for the purpose of connecting with the spirit animals on the other side, calling them forth to guide the shaman in and assist with the extraction. In this video, Zarathustra appears to be calling forth birds at some points as well as making other noises which may help with his focus and visualization.

Shamanic Instruments

Frequently present during shamanic extractions are specially-made, sacred instruments. These shamanic instruments are infused with certain powers and energies which will assist with the extraction. Although there is no specific song or melody that is followed by shamans when using these instruments, they are used in very specific ways for various purposes.  The shamanic drum is one example of an instrument frequently employed by shamans, both during extractions and in other rituals. In some cases, the shamanic drum is used with the intention of calling forth spirits. In others, the drumming may be a method of creating an atmosphere which facilitates the shamanic extraction to be performed successfully. Another objective for the use of these special drums is to create a certain vibrational frequency under which shamanic extraction is empowered.

Another instrument which is almost always used during a shamanic extraction is the rattle, which has a variety of reasons for its employment. Shaking a shamanic rattle can both call forth spirits to aid in the extraction as well as chase off any misplaced energy that may be present. Since, during the extraction, the shaman is spiritually “opening up” the patient in order to remove misplaced energy, it is important that any energy present that is in the wrong place is removed from the space in order to eliminate the possibility of its taking the intrusion’s place. A shamanic rattle may also help the shaman to enter into the specific state of consciousness which will allow the shamanic extraction to occur in the first place.

Hands-on Healing

In spite of the fact that much of it is taking place in the spirit world, shamanic extraction is actually a very physical undertaking for the shaman. Once the issues that the patient is faced with have been diagnosed, and the intrusions have been identified, the shaman will use his hands directly on the patient’s fully-clothed physical body in order to remove them. Here is another example of a shamanic extraction being done on a patient: https://youtu.be/vbQp2QB7HC8. In this video, we see Zarathustra performing a shamanic extraction on a patient who is afflicted with a physical ailment, and the ritual is quite physical in nature, with Zarathustra employing both his hands and mouth to remove the intrusions from the sick patient.

Shamanic Baptism?

In Peru, an Amazonian shaman uses a “spitting” technique as shown in this video: https://youtu.be/Wd9-ZI3UL6E. This is another method of shamanic extraction, with the end goal, as always, being to remove intrusions from the patient. This method is most commonly used by shamans from Central and South America among shamans originating from the indigenous tribes along the Amazon, called “curanderos”, although the technique is also used in Zimbabwe—and other African countries—by shamans called “nygangas” which is Bantu for “water spirits healer”. The liquid that is spat out by the shaman varies. In Mongolia, the liquid may be vodka or another type of alcohol. In Africa, shamans may spit out a mixture of termite dung with water or a liquid that has been infused with flowers. Shamans originating from Central and South American tribes use a variety of different substances depending on their training. Regardless of the type of liquid used, the techniques are similar in that the shaman, after taking in a mouthful of it, spits out a mist of the liquid across the patient’s face and/or body in an effort to remove the energy that is causing harm to the patient.

Finding Your Shaman

There are several websites where you can locate a shaman who is capable of performing a shamanic extraction, but it is important to find a skilled and experienced healer to take on the task. Anytime you are dealing with the energies of the subtle, non-physical body, it is vital that steps are taken to avoid exposure to misplaced energy, which can do more harm than good. By locating a reputable spiritual healer who has previously performed shamanic extraction successfully, you will ensure that your procedure will be a successful one. The costs of shamanic extraction vary widely, but many follow a fee schedule that is 1-3 times the cost of a massage, although there may be some who charge less than that.  A valuable resource is the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, which offers a wealth of information on shamanism as well as workshops throughout the world. You can also check out YouTube for testimonials from those who have firsthand knowledge of shamanic extraction. Click on this link to see a short video of a woman who has just undergone the ritual: https://youtu.be/gulUA2HO8fc.  As you can see from the reaction of this recipient, the results can often be profound and life-changing, and the expertise of the shaman who has performed it is quite evident.


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