Travel to one of the most magical and sacred sites on the planet.
Land of the pyramids, the Sphinx, incredible temples, & eternal wisdom.

We will carry out work to activate the sacred codes throughout the journey, which will open you to experience a deep self-discovery and lead you to a high level of healing and transformation.

About Zarathustra


Internationally known founder of 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing and Awareness, Zarathustra is a spiritual teacher and master healer who has dedicated his life to elevating human consciousness. After 30 years of studying with Eastern and Western masters from across the globe, Zarathustra started receiving a series of downloads from beings identifying themselves as his “5th Dimensional Guides” giving him innate abilities to perform psychic surgery, “x-ray vision”, and turned his right hand into a high-frequency transmitter.  Zarathustra now travels the world offering workshops with transformative spiritual understandings, 3rd eye activations, and shamanic healing to deeply alchemize your consciousness, heal your mental, emotional and physical body… and ultimately bring you back to that place of silence and stillness within your being where the “real you” exists. By divine guidance, Zarathustra emerges to lead our consciousness to the 5th Dimension.

What is a Sacred Journey? To travel drives us towards great personal growth. It offers innumerable benefits, confirmed by science, for physical, mental and emotional health, however, a Sacred Journey provides us with even more profound and transforming benefits. The Sacred Lands of the planet are places of high vibrational frequency, energy centers responsible for maintaining, adjusting and amplifying the frequency of the Earth. Each center has a specific vibratory coding perceived by the sages of antiquity. These lands have been considered as sacred upon thousands of years.

Egypt is one of the most important sacred centers on the planet, with a deep mysticism that produces a rapid spiritual transformation towards harmony and well-being. The incredible Egyptian temples have been designed using the sacred geometry of celestial realms, thereby inducing us to activate areas of the brain related to a higher consciousness. Sacred Egypt is a holy land that calls for awakened souls, where you will know the miraculous power to heal the body, illuminate the mind, increase creativity, develop psychic abilities, activate ancestral memories, and awaken the soul to know its true origin. The high frequencies of Egypt produce an acceleration in the evolution of the soul and the awakening of the spirit.

With the guidance of spiritual teacher Zarathustra, we will perform initiations, meditations, and specific exercises in each temple, as did the ancient initiates in the Mystery Schools thousands of years ago. This initiatory journey down the Nile, which forms its backbone in relation to the temples and constructions along its riverbanks, corresponds to the energy centres or chakras of our body. In the process of our journey, we will be unblocking and accessing the energy, consciousness, and wisdom that aligns you with your divine being. Enhance your gifts and talents, immerse yourself in the realm of infinite possibilities or fifth-dimensional consciousness.


We invite you to join us and experience the activation and harmonization of the chakras in the same temples that have led the great initiates to make a journey towards a world of wisdom and personal power. We will celebrate a private initiation in the pyramids, allowing the entry of new galactic information to Earth. Opening a cosmic portal of high vibration foretells the birth of the new and the anchoring of what is to come. This is a unique opportunity to manifest the reality of the New Earth, a world of Light and Love, assisted by the magic of the Sacred and Eternal Egypt.





Day 1: Meeting at the Los Angeles LAX airport. Initial ceremony to start the Sacred Journey.

Day 2: CAIRO
Arrival in CAIRO and transfer to the designated hotel. Preparation day to gather all the participants. At night, integration and presentation meeting, talk, and initial meditation.
Dinner at the hotel. Night in CAIRO..... For full ITINERARY click HERE

Sacred journeys create a profound transformation in our lives, activating our potential and tuning our soul to the divine purpose of existence. Egypt is the oldest and most powerful spiritual center on the planet. Since time immemorial, Egypt has awakened an irresistible spiritual magnetism in the hearts and minds of millions of people with its incredible temples and enigmatic pyramids. The sacred geography of ancient Egypt reproduces the configurations of the celestial planes, creating portals of light between heaven and earth.


Secret Codes- Activate the codes of light to your inner being and discover the hidden keys that the Pyramids and Temples have kept for thousands of years, so that today, in times of the Great Awakening, they can be decoded.

Incredible Temples- Visit the magical Egyptian Temples designed for the awakening of the divine essence within us, and were built with the sole purpose of activating the highest potential of the human mind.




Tel: 951-719-7085  or Email: sacredlandtravels@gmail.com

Emy Shanti: Egyptian Mystery School

Diana Maxwell- Facilitator, Energy Healer


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