Zarathustra’s Talk at Disclosurefest June 23, 2018 NOON

Quantum Third Eye Activation

& Heart Awakening


Quantum Third Eye Activation & Heart Awakening

In this powerful 2 hour lecture, Zarathustra will open the portal to the 5th Dimension, reconnecting you to Source Energy and activating your Third Eye as a crucial element to ascension. Come learn as master healer and spiritual teacher, Zarathustra guides you and gives you tools to open your Third Eye, including a specialized breathing technique as well as dynamic meditations to activate the pineal gland, resulting in:

  • Enhanced psychic and healing abilities
  • Sharpened intuition
  • Accelerated wisdom and learning
  • Production of DMT which removes the illusion of duality
  • Access to alternate dimensions and paranormal realities
  • Increased clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities

Using active meditations, combined with self-love affirmations Zarathustra will help you open your heart and make a quantum leap into that place of silence and stillness within your being where there is no self-judgment but only pure self-love and self-acceptance.


ABOUT ZARATHUSTRA:  Founder of 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing and 5th Dimensional Quantum Awareness, master healer, spiritual teacher, Zarathustra, started receiving downloads from entities identifying themselves as “5th Dimensional Guides” turning his right hand into a High-Frequency Transmitter, giving him the ability to perform psychic surgery and third eye activations. By Divine guidance, Zarathustra emerges to lead our consciousness to the 5th Dimension.


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