Auras and Aura Cleansing

Although the term “aura” is often used interchangeably with words like atmosphere and ambiance, its true meaning is much deeper. Every person and thing is made up of energy, and every being is surrounded by a human energy field, sometimes referred to as a magnetic field, which emanates from us and can indicate if we are stressed, depleted, joyful, or energized, changing as our feelings change. Our auras can also be affected by the energy of other people and things we come into contact with, both positively and negatively. By gaining an understanding of the unique significance of our auras and how they can affect us, we open ourselves up to developing a deeper cognizance of ourselves, our feelings and our energies.

The Goddess Aura

From a Greek word meaning “breath” or “breeze”, the goddess Aura was the personification of breezes and was often described in relation to the Four Winds; Boreas (North), Notus (South), Eurus (East), and Zephyrus (West). Her presence in many works of Greek mythology was also frequently referred as to “Aurae” (plural of aura) and the Goddess Aura had a spirit or ghost-like quality with the ability to materialize and then disappear into thin air.

Aura Colors Change

The color of your aura will likely change with some frequency as it relates to the state of your energy, which is constantly in flux. If you are feeling confident and strong, the color of your aura will be quite different from when you feel insecure or depressed. It is quite common for the colors of your aura to fluctuate throughout your life and even day-by-day.

How Can I See My Aura?

To find out what your aura looks like, the first thing you should do is have an aura reading performed. There are gifted psychics who are capable of “seeing” auras clairvoyantly. There are also aura cameras now available (the original of which was called a “Kirlian camera”) which can be operated by any layman and can capture the energy field surrounding the body to provide us with a picture of our auras. Once we have had an aura photograph and/or reading done, we will have information about ourselves which can help us know if changes are necessary and if so, what they are.

Aura Colors and What They Can Tell Us

While there are different theories of what aura colors mean, there are some basic colors which relate to certain energies. Having a single aura color is the exception to the rule, however, and most of us can expect to have some combination of the following colors make an appearance during our aura reading:

RED:  A bright red aura indicates passion, sexuality, connectedness to the physical world, and elevated energy levels. Muddier shades of red can signify violence, anger, or unresolved personal issues.

YELLOW:  When vibrant, this color indicates a sunny disposition, positive outlook and a state of general happiness. A more subdued shade of yellow can show a person bogged down in logic and possessing an overly analytical view of the world.

BLUE:  Having a primarily blue aura says that you are the picture of serenity. The peaceful way in which you navigate the world rubs off on those with whom you come in contact, and you spread tranquility wherever you go. You are loving, kind, and sensitive to others’ feelings—a trait which can be problematic if you try to take on too much and neglect your own needs.

GREEN:  The vivid green colors found in nature signify that you are closely in touch with the environment and exhibit a vibrant and friendly energy as well as a strong creative streak. Cloudy, gray-green auras, though, can signal that you are feeling jealous or possessive.

PURPLE OR VIOLET: A rich purple or violet aura suggests that you are feeling loving and generous, very much in touch with your spirituality, and possibly psychic. You are highly intuitive and most empathetic, drawn toward helping others and the universe as a whole. A dark or cloudy purple may mean you are feeling overwhelmed.

PINK:  A pink aura signifies that you are surrounded by love and have a deep compassion for others. It can also mean that you are experiencing a period of romance and/or creativity. A dark or gray-toned pink aura can indicate mistrustfulness or some sort of imbalance in your personal life.

BLACK:  When your aura shows as black or dark gray, it is demonstrating negativity or repressed pain. It can also be a sign of disease, injury, or a blockage of energy to a certain area. This color (or absence thereof) of aura can also just mean an absence of strong emotion; quietude of spirit.

WHITE:  The presence of a white aura indicates purity and grace. A white aura means you are possessed of an angelic quality and have an evolved relationship with your spirituality. The white aura is quite rare to encounter and is frequently depicted in images of the most holy among us, such as Jesus and The Buddha.

RAINBOW: This rare, striped aura, usually emerging from around the hands or top of the head, can indicate that you are a natural healer. Those who exhibit a vibrant rainbow aura are called “rainbow children” and are said to be experiencing their first time on this earth. Gifted with an ethereal presence, they exude love and the desire for all their fellow beings to operate at the highest spiritual level.

How Our Thoughts Impact Our Auras

Some psychics say you can manipulate your aura if you have a strong spiritual connection to yourself. For example, if you are about to give a speech and need to make a strong impression, you can mentally imbue more bright red into your aura. Those around you will sense the increased strength and confidence that you will emanate as a result. Another example would be if you were had to have a difficult conversation with someone who is sensitive or shy. To avoid overwhelming them, you may want to infuse your aura with brilliant blue. Not everyone has the spiritual knowledge required to do this, but it is a skill that can be acquired with time and a gifted spiritual teacher.

Aura Cleansing

Once you have had your aura read, you may decide your aura needs to be cleansed of certain negative energies which are impacting your mind, body, and/or spirit.  Because we constantly soak up the energies of our fellow beings, it is easy to absorb negative ones, especially if our aura is not in a particularly strong state. The act of cleansing your aura can free you from energy-sucking pain and depression, and allow your positive vibrations to rebuild themselves.

Although you may feel more comfortable cleansing your aura with the aid of a gifted spiritual healer, there are many simple ways in which to accomplish aura cleansing in your own home.

Aura-cleansing Techniques:


This refers to the practice of focusing your mental energy on the positive emotional state in which you wish to reside. With your eyes closed, conjure up the image of yourself becoming immersed in beam infused with white light and positive energy. Imagine all negativity draining out of your body and being replaced with purity and goodness. Continue the process of visualization until you feel positive and at peace—in mind, body, and spirit.


While visualization allows us to mentally surround ourselves with positive energy, a 20-minute soak in a bath with four cups of sea salts allows us to physically connect ourselves to a natural aura cleanser. A full-body scrub with sea salt in the shower also works if you are lacking a tub or the time for a bath. The sea salt facilitates the drainage of negative energy from our beings, clearing the way for heightened positivity. If you are lucky enough to have an ocean nearby, a 20-minute dip should produce the same results.


The purifying qualities of crystals have long been reported, particularly those of black tourmaline, obsidian, and smoky quartz (although you may find others which work for you). By wearing the crystal on your person, or simply placing them throughout your home, you may find yourself experiencing more positive energy and warding off negativity from your surroundings with very little effort.


Using a bundle of sage created for purification purposes, light the end of it. Once it begins to smolder, let the smoke emerge from the sage and wave it throughout your home, focusing on areas from which negative energies seem to be present, concentrating on the corners. If the negative energy seems to be coming from within, wave the sage about your body, starting at the top of your head and working your way downward.

Maintaining A Clean Aura

Although it is nearly impossible to avoid encountering negative energy completely, you can reduce your exposure to negativity by avoiding negative people as much as possible. You can also remind yourself that negative self-talk only serves to increase the negativity within. The opposite effect makes itself known when you recite affirmations and build yourself up in a positive way. Being conscious of the effects of our own thoughts and mental images and keeping our environment filled with positive people can be the best way of maintaining a clean aura.



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