About Zarathustra


Internationally known founder of 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing and Awareness, Zarathustra is a spiritual teacher and master healer who has dedicated his life to elevating human consciousness. After 30 years of studying with Eastern and Western masters from across the globe, Zarathustra started receiving a series of downloads from beings identifying themselves as his “5th Dimensional Guides” giving him innate abilities to perform psychic surgery, “x-ray vision”, and turned his right hand into a high-frequency transmitter.  Zarathustra now travels the world offering workshops with transformative spiritual understandings, 3rd eye activations, and shamanic healing to deeply alchemize your consciousness, heal your mental, emotional and physical body… and ultimately bring you back to that place of silence and stillness within your being where the “real you” exists. By divine guidance, Zarathustra emerges to lead our consciousness to the 5th Dimension.

Evan Perman is a healing artist who has held a private holistic healing practice for many years in Malibu and the Los Angeles area. He integrates energy-work and bodywork therapy, with spiritual intuitive guidance and uses sound healing vibrational frequencies therapeutically. He plays indigenous musical instruments such as his handcrafted didgeridoos, as well as native drums, flutes, shakers and singing bowls, gongs etc. This shamanic healing practice is rooted in ancient earth medicine with indigenous~primal power to transform and rebalance the "soul~body" through energy clearing and activation, thus restoring and harmonizing emotions, the mind, body and spirit to a more natural state of being. Evan also offers Sound Healing Meditations and Sacred Ceremony for groups, and special events.

Imagine spending 11 days & 10 nights on an immersive training retreat with Zarathustra in the high vibrational Swedish Mountains of Åre with pristine views, waterfalls, rivers, and hiking. During this magical time, you will be trained to learn 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing & Awareness techniques and modalities from a living master.  He will also be joined by Sound Vibrational Therapist Evan Perman.

Throughout the retreat you will be getting blasted with high-frequency 5th Dimensional Transmissions from Zarathustra, resulting in a total transformation.  Simply being in the presence of this high-frequency master and the energy field he and his helpers create will transform you to a higher vibrational frequency permanently, where you will discover a brand new you and be able to help many people, as well as yourself with your newfound abilities.

You will learn how to become a 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing Practitioner and be trained personally by Zarathustra in the following areas: Shamanic Healing, Psychic Surgery, 3rd Eye Activation, Sound Vibrational Healing, Distance Healing, Hands on Healing, How to Touch, Cleanse & Restore the Auric Field, Diet & Cleansing and more... 

Meditation- We will learn to meditate as a way of life to help quiet the busy mind and take you to that place of silence where life's greatest gift- inner peace- resides. In addition, Zarathustra will lead you in a series of fun active meditations to help you get grounded and help you shake off your early childhood programming & conditioning so that you can step more fully into your true identity as a master.

Daily Dancing- We will use music & movement as medicine. Every day several times we will be dancing as a way to celebrate life, connect with each other in a fun way and get the blood pumping through our veins... helping us feel exhilarated and more fully ALIVE! Dance is a unique kind of active meditation because it is combined with music and the freedom to be in the moment. It is almost impossible not to smile while you are dancing!

Yoga- Dive into the restoring practices of yoga with morning & evening sessions. Yoga provides a unique way to unite the body, mind, and soul and connect you to the inner core of your being. You will feel refreshed, balanced, grounded and energetic after our daily yoga sessions. Appropriate for all levels, we teach something for everyone.


Diet- You are going to learn about healthy eating, the importance of food combining, the benefits and miracle results of internal organ cleansing, reducing inflammation, and how to boost your immune system for optimum health. You will also learn how to lose excess weight and feel healthier and look younger while you are eating 3 healthful meals a day.

Sound Vibrational Therapy- This powerful healing modality has been practiced by indigenous tribes from all over the world for thousands of years. It is aimed at removing blockages and opening up the energy channels of the physical, emotional & spiritual bodies. It is a proven fact that Sound Vibrational Therapy has tremendous power in restoring balance, equilibrium and helping you get grounded and healed. Zarathustra & Renowned Sound Healer Evan Perman shares their hypnotic shamanic healing instruments including didgeridoos, drums, shakers, and Tibetan bowls to rebalance, restore & energize as well as train you in how to perform this unique healing art.

"The Shaman lives with one foot in this world

and one foot in the world of the Spirit." 

Heal Yourself, Heal Others.

Witness live demonstrations

Participate in hands-on healing techniques

Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course


What is a 5th Dimensional Quantum Healer? A 5th Dimensional Quantum Healer is a person who has become a major channel (a conduit) of healing energy.  Healing is a natural phenomenon that takes place on its own accord. A 5th Dimensional Quantum Healer is a person who has found access to a subatomic field of energy that is already here and has become a major conduit of holding this energy field for others. You must remember that nobody heals anybody the body heals itself. 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is for everyone — it is tangible, accessible and it is easily reached by simply raising your vibration to a higher frequency…you can actually feel it within the first few moments! 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is a powerful hands-on healing that includes psychic surgery, shamanic healing, sound vibration and x-ray vision that activates our abilities to become a powerful healing channel.

How Does it Work? In this high speed modality of healing, you will learn how to raise your vibration to a higher frequency in a matter of seconds.  This enables you to become a much more effective healer equipped with advanced healing techniques far beyond your current capabilities. As a healer, when you are capable of raising your vibration to a higher frequency and remain there, anyone who is available to you is automatically being influenced and raises their vibration to a higher frequency as well. When vibrating in a higher frequency, a lot of information gets exchanged between the healer and the recipient. The recipient begins to change in their cellular memory in a matter of moments and new information will replace the old outdated dysfunctional patterns… and that’s how the healing takes place.

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing enables you to create healing on all levels:

  1. Spiritual Body
  2. Mental Body
  3. Emotional Body
  4. Physical Body

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing

& Awareness Training Program

Level Descriptions:

LEVEL 1: Auric Field / 3rd Eye Activation, Intro to Shamanic Healing (LEARN MORE)

LEVEL 2: Psychic Surgery, Shamanic Healing, Distance Healing &

Sound Vibrational Therapy  (LEARN MORE)

LEVEL 3: Diet, Cleansing, Health & Well Being (LEARN MORE)

LEVEL 4: Shamanic Extraction Healing Training (LEARN MORE)

Double Occupancy Level 1-4

First Time
Earlybird Registration
(First 20 Students)

26,800 SEK

Non-Earlybird Registration
(After #21 and Up)

29,800 SEK

Earlybird Registration
(First 20 Students)

24,800 SEK
(2,000 Discount)

Non-Earlybird Registration
(After #21 and Up)

27,800 SEK
(2,000 Discount)

Single Occupancy Level 1-4

First Time
Earlybird Registration
(First 20 Students)

29,800 SEK

Non-Earlybird Registration
(After #21 and Up)

33,800 SEK

This unique healing training retreat will be taking place in a wonderful location called Buustamon Fjällgård in Åre. (Click HERE for hotel website) In this breathtakingly gorgeous location, you get a great experience in a very special environment. It is also possible to take warm “tub baths’ outdoor, saunas and experience wonderful moments in nature. There will be an on staff chef preparing three healthy quality meals every day to satisfy and delight you.

Check-in:    Mon, July 2 after 12:00 Noon                                     

Check out:  Thurs, July 12 before 15:00 (Retreat ends at 17:00)

*Please note: The retreat does not officially finish until 17:00 on July 12. Please be sure to adjust your travel plans accordingly.



  • Six hours daily of 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing Training & transmissions from Zarathustra
  • Daily morning & evening yoga classes
  • 3 full healthy delicious meals
  • Lots of dancing and laughing
  • Having access to sauna and jacuzzi
  • Many different hiking trails
  • 10 Days having personal attention and having access to Zarathustra’s wisdom
  • Daily group meditations
  • Personal free time for reflection, rest and renewal
  • Periods of silence
  • Creative expression opportunities
  • Peaceful setting in beautiful nature


Yoga: 7:00-8:00

Breakfast:  8:00- 9:00

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing Training: 10:00- 13:00

Lunch & Relaxation: 13:00- 14:00

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing Training: 14:00- 17:00

Yoga: 17:30- 18:30

Dinner: 19:00- 20:30pm

Free time: dancing, singing, hiking, hot tubbing, suna, relaxing…


Make yourself comfortable by bringing a yoga mat, pillow, warm clothes and any snacks that you would like. For parts of the workshop you will be lying down on the floor so it is good to be comfortable and warm. Please bring a Tibetan Singing Bowl  & a Rattle or a Drum.


Anna Salomonsson - On staff, Scandinavian Organizer,

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing Practitioner

Tel: 46 7077 22112 or Email: a.kapellana@gmail.com 

Pia Katzmarek- On staff, Scandinavian Organizer, 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

Tel: 46 702405153 or Email: pia@peaceiam.se

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PLEASE NOTE:  5th Dimensional Quantum Healing & Awareness has a NO REFUND policy. All sales are final. There are no refunds.