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The 5th Dimensional Academy has created a practical system of transmitting the truth to its members to allow transformation and freedom from suffering.  Spiritual development requires an open heart.  It is virtually impossible for a seeker to advance to higher consciousness if they don’t love themselves.  This belief system which has been ingrained in our cellular memory from childhood that we are not good enough results in a conditioned mind.  The conditioned mind holds the false belief system that there is something missing in your life, that you are incomplete… that you need to gain something in order to become happy and whole which is not true. After 30 years of searching, Zarathustra has blended a practical system of Eastern and Western methods and techniques to help the Academy members to free themselves from anxiety, negative thoughts, lack of self-love and self-acceptance and destructive emotional patterns through a systematical way to raise your vibration to 5th Dimensional Vibrational Frequency which translates to living a vibrant life of freedom and happiness.

The Key Elements To Freedom

Zarathustra recognizes continuity and consistency are the key elements to freedom.  In order to help you achieve your spiritual goals, it’s best to have a highly effective spiritual practice, free of dogmas, false beliefs and superstition that helps you raise your vibration to 5th Dimensional Vibrational Frequency as well as the ability to maintain this newly found higher level of consciousness.  This translates to a life filled with inner peace, self-love and happiness which is the goal of every spiritual seeker. 

Why Should I Become a Member of the Academy?

By becoming a member of The 5th Dimensional Academy, you will have direct access to a living teacher on a weekly basis who has realized his own freedom and happiness and is committed to helping you recognize, achieve and maintain your own inner peace.  Once a week there is a one hour live discourse, meditation and transmission, as well as Q and A session with Zarathustra, where he  will share with you his insights of how to deal with life, day to day challenges and maintain your new level of awareness at all times.  In addition, Academy members have 24 hour access to our chat room/forum which is a great advantage to be able to share your newly found experiences, ideas and triumphs with Zarathustra as well as other members and receive valuable insights.

Spiritual advancement requires long-term commitment. Freedom from a conditioned mind also requires time to un-clutch from old destructive thought patterns and ways of being. NOTE: Although it’s highly recommended for members to participate in the weekly live webinar with Zarathustra, it is not a requirement.  In the event that you miss any of the live seminars, you will have access to our archive to watch at your leisure. 

The 5th Dimensional Academy is designed:

1.  To create a platform where members can have access to empowering spiritual teachings led by Zarathustra

2.  To keep members connected to their state of inner peace and tranquility during the normal daily life

3.  To create an online community so members can keep connected and share experiences with Zarathustra as well as one another

4.  To give members an opportunity to raise their vibration to 5th dimensional vibrational frequency on a consistent basis


Academy members will receive a once a week live 90 minute online interactive discourse with Zarathustra which includes a direct transmission /activation with meditation as well as Q & A.  Zarathustra will lead you in a series of active meditations through which you will be receiving an energetic transmission as well as discussions on various topics. There will be an opportunity for all the participants to have direct communication (questions and answers) with Zarathustra regarding different issues that the members may be struggling with.

As a member of the Academy you will have access to our Members Only Facebook Group designed to allow you to connect with other members, as well as Zarathustra, regarding your spiritual experiences, triumphs and challenges on a daily basis. Most of us go through our spiritual experiences feeling lonely and isolated. This online community feature of the Academy is a great benefit to those of us who would like a safe environment where you can share freely, get feedback and receive guidance from Zarathustra as well as other members of the Academy. Members get access to recorded sessions with Zarathustra




Discovering Your Inner Peace


Mastering Self-Love and Self-Acceptance


Heart Healing




Sexual and Emotional Abuse


Connecting with your Inner Guidance and Living your Truth


How to Overcome Daily Anxiety and Stress


Who am I? Is my life story real?


How do I speak my truth?


How to Deal with my daily emotional ups and downs


Obsession with the Need to Be Perfect


Overcoming Fear




How to Quiet my Mind


Sexuality, Sensuality and Spirituality

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  • There is no beginning or end date to the online webinar discourses with Zarathustra. It’s an all year round program.
  • Webinar broadcast dates will be announced in advance so members can schedule their time accordingly.
  • For those who miss the live broadcast: Each webinar will be archived and available for replay within 24 hours.
  • There will be no webinar broadcast during major holidays

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Webinar Broadcasts

 Every Tuesday we meet 10:00 am - 11:30 am Pacific Standard Time 19:00- 20:30  Scandinavian Time

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The 5th Dimensional Academy reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone. Please be respectful to other members during the live webinar as well as in the chat room. The Academy has zero tolerance for abusive language, racism, sexism, religious discrimination or any inappropriate sexual comments etc... Such behavior by any of the members will result in termination of membership without a refund