My life has changed dramatically in both big ways and small ones since my healing with Zarathustra. What has been most significant is my ability to remain in the present moment, an experience that has been incredibly rewarding and made my life on a daily basis much more beautiful. I was so impatient with life before that I more than likely missed the opportunity to be there both for myself and for others. Incredible things happen to me now each day that enrich my life experience and enrich the lives of others in unexpected ways. The other most significant change in my behavior is my sense of self-confidence and my sense of confidence in my own femininity…in being femininely powerful in a true way. I have no fear now. Hesitation at times, questions, but no fear. That is extremely important in my daily life, as a parent, in my work, in my life’s mission and in dealing with other humans and situations with which I may have experienced a feeling of intimidation previously. I have also, VERY unexpectedly, received a very important physical healing…which I think was unexpected for both myself and for Zarathustra. And of course, un-coincidentally, it had much to do with a very feminine part of my body. I am grateful and excited.

Diana Marcketta

“I felt Zarathustra’s energy move through the whole room and into my knee, his sounds and gestures brought up images of a galactic shaman from a timeless place that somehow seemed familiar and completely unknown. The next day my legs were black and blue, but the following day the chronic pain in my knees disappeared. Zarathustra is truly a great healer!”

John Dumas

Zarathustra’s unique intuitive touch made a profound impact in my emotional and physical body.   I found his work to be genuine, sincere and the environment to be safe and nurturing.  I am looking forward to attending his ceremonies again in the future

Sergei Byrdez

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Zarathustra as both a friend and a healer.  In the ordinary realm, he is a man deeply committed to honesty.  This becomes even more apparent as he enters the 5th dimensional field.  His body takes on an almost indescribable electrical charge.  I have seen laser beams of light cast into my third eye, felt knots release from my viscera, and felt layers of stuck energy swept from my auric field.   These are only a few of the many phenomena that have occurred while in a healing session with Zarathustra.  Zarathustra approaches each session with humility and appreciation for his healing gifts.  You can trust this wise and powerful man’s instincts and healing capabilities.

Sam Morris

The third eye quantum healing immersed me into a deep state of meditation immediately and has helped my personal practice immensely. The healing envirnonment Zarathustra and the musicians set up is an intense surreal environment that encourages deep states of consciousness to unfold. I recommend any serious seeker or curious new seeker to attend a session and see the changes it brings to their practice!

Jacque Goodman

I love and highly recommend Zarathustra’s 5th dimensional quantum healing events for everyone! Zarathustra creates a beautiful sacred space of music and meditation and his healings have empowered a deeper connection to bliss and inner sense of Presence for me…. Each event has been like a magical retreat, priceless when living in a city that never stops!

Daniele Smith

First and foremost, attending your sessions have calmed my nerves by coming to know that I am not the only one going through changes from within and waking up to know who I really am.

After four sessions, my heart chakra opened. One afternoon, at work, I came to realization that I had been one of the very people who I consider to be painful to be around. I apologized to all who are in my memory. I couldn’t stop tears from flowing down my face. And, all the songs from radio stations and CDs talked to me. At that moment, I was tuned to all that pertain to me or that I became pertaining to all. And, realized that this is what synchronicity is.

Now, I am working on opening my third-eye chakra. I am noticeably more intuitive now. And, I am experiencing ability to know others’ thoughts and feel others’ feelings. My understanding now is that thoughts are not private or localized but shared.

Zar, I am truly excited about my development. And, what is more amazing than anything is that I am not thinking about how I will utilize my capacity to gain material wealth or advantages over my fellows, but I become more focused on what I can do to heal me, my fellows, and Earth. Unity consciousness has taken me over.

Love always,
Patrick Rhea

“Zarathustra is a compassionate and generous healer. His healing energy is extraordinarily powerful. I highly recommend coming to one of his healing sessions. You’ll never forget it.”

Tina K.

By the way I have been feeling incredible since Tuesday night. Thank you so much. I feel like now I have a way of taking action instead of just reading and learning as I have been doing for the last ten years. Can’t wait for Tuesday!

Chuck McFall

Thank you so much for the incredible healing on Tuesday! I have been working to release what felt like a crystallized negative energy pattern for a long time in many different ways. I could actually feel the block in meditations etc. Now it’s almost completely gone, thanks to you.

Have a beautiful summer and looking forward to seeing you again in Sept.

Much love,
Amanda C.

Your message to keep an open heart, free of expectations is truly the way to a greater, more connected self. With that understanding and perspective, along with a trust in your shamanistic healing abilities, one can be brought into some amazing unchartered territory of themselves…
You are an extraordinary being, Zarathustra. You express yourself well and it is an uplifting pleasure to be in your prescence. I look forward to the next meditation gathering.

Traci Vaccaro