What is 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing?

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is a Shamanic practice performed by a healer who has access to the subatomic field of energy. From this realm, an extraordinary intelligence becomes available which can lead to seemingly miraculous outcomes. A 5th dimensional quantum healer is able to reconnect people with source energy by removing obstacles and opening channels that are not normally available in the 3rd dimensional field. Physical ailments can improve because at the quantum level, subatomic particles break down inflammation, move bones and accelerate the healing process. Emotional issues can be addressed because the very energy that created them can be transformed in the 5th dimensional realm. By activating the third eye, the quantum healer is able to create a channel between your physical and emotional body and your higher consciousness, allowing you to discover that your self no longer appears disconnected from nature and the cosmos. With these new channels open, your healing process can move much easier and faster.

Healing from this dimension helps you transcend to a state of consciousness beyond the limitations of your physical body. When you raise your vibration to resonate with the frequency of this realm, you step into a universal flow where anything is possible. The Fifth Dimensional consciousness is one of oneness with your Spirit and all things. Because your body lives in the third dimension, it is dense and heavy and Healing energy in form of light has a hard time getting in. Healing in the 5th dimension happens when you are able to allow more “light energy” into your body. Although this “light energy” is available for everyone, it is only by reconnecting to this energy that you are fully able to interact with these higher frequencies. This is how rapid transformations take place. The key to understanding how to heal yourself and others lies in the information transmitted by this “light energy”, allowing it to flow into your being and elevating to a 5th dimensional vibrational frequency.

The cells in your body vibrate at a certain frequency, so when this exchange of information occurs, healing can happen very quickly because the cells will remember their original DNA memory. It first happens at the spiritual level, and then permeates the emotional level and finally the physical body, releasing the root cause of dis-ease. As a result, your immune system is altered and strengthened, and your vibration rises, causing a shift in consciousness. This is how the awakening happens, and you are able to remember that you are a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional being.