How Does It Work?

In order to access the 5th dimensional realm a portal must first be opened. This is important for allowing all the work to be done in the 5th dimension. First the healer raises his personal vibration to that of the 5th dimension, which is everybody’s base natural program. Then when working on an individual, the healer can teach the person to raise their vibration to that level. This process reminds the cells of the body of the original program they were born with.

What happens during the healing?

The healer works with four types of energy when doing the healing. They are: energy transference, touch, sound and wind vibration. When a person is present in the 5th dimensional frequency, the body becomes less dense and can accept more light energy, making the tissues easier to manipulate and work with. All of a sudden, the denseness of matter is absent allowing for a fluidity in the cells that can be easily manipulated and reprogrammed.

Quantum healings help a person to return to their base innate program; one of perfect health. The more times one is exposed to a quantum healer the easier it is for the cells to adapt to this new information and accept it as their own.

Imagine the types of dis-ease inside your body and the amount of healing they require as different types of roads or paths. A mild illness is like a dirt path, easy to remove and plant over, thereby returning it to nature. A chronic illness, however, is like a concrete road, making it more difficult to remove. First you must break up the concrete, special equipment is necessary to carry away all of the broken pieces, then the ground must be cleared and leveled before any replanting can be done. This is why many treatments might be required if you are dealing with a chronic ailment. There are many layers that need to be removed before deeper healing can occur.