Most people believe that life has a purpose. It appears like it is going somewhere and it is evolving. It looks like we are going to a higher consciousness. All of the evidences are supporting this progress. However to a fully awakened being it is very apparent that life has no purpose and no agenda. Life simply is and it is absolutely

Purposeless. Life doesn’t care about good or bad, clean or filth, pretty or ugly or a certain behavior to another… life is all of it… life is simply is.

It is the man who lives in separation that philosophies life and tries to come up with all kinds of different ideas and concepts in an effort to understand life and maybe find some peace of mind.

The man who has realized his/her true nature knows that everything is part of the quantum field of existence. Things in life appear and disappear and although it seems like it is all going somewhere, the truth is that life has no purpose.