Every single experience that you have had up to this very moment of your life was designed by God to bring you to this point. It was all out of love and compassion. There has never been a malice intention. It’s all about awakening you to who you really are. It’s about you dropping your false identification to this imaginary person who you think you are and to awaken to your divinity with angelic qualities.
Who you think you are up to this point is a lie. You are not this needy weak dependent person with all kinds of fears, anxieties and limitations. You are not small. You are really God itself. You have never been separated and you will never be separated. I can show that to you in a second. You are that which has always been here and which will always be. STOP this madness and wake up to who you really are and START to remember where you come from. You come from the very bosoms of her Majesty Lord God the Infinite. You come from the breath of the Supreme Soul.
Who else has the power to give life through birth and take life through breath?
You come from that which is infinite. You are that. Who else can you be? So my dear sisters and brothers look within yourself, go inside in your heart and feel the love that you carry, feel your breath, sink into your inner silence and see and investigate this for yourself. Go beyond the story of your life, go beyond all imaginations and illusions, sink into your very essence and discover and remember whom you really are.