Like the ancient prophet Zoroaster (Zarathustra) who appeared in ancient Persia 3000 years ago, Zarathustra comes from the same land and with a parallel purpose. Using a unique blend of Shamanism along with current spiritual techniques, Zarathustra has access to 5th-dimensional quantum space, where he is able to build a bridge to your inner wisdom and connection to Source Energy, removing the obstacles that prevent you from experiencing your “Self” at a soul level...

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Magic Wednesday (Shamanic Heart Healing & 3rd Eye Activation Workshop)

What is Magic Wednesday? On selected Wednesday evenings starting from 18:30- 21:30 there will be a Shamanic Heart Healing & Third Eye Activation event. Zarathustra has created a safe and highly transformative journey for heart and physical healing as well as third eye activation. The journey begins by a series of active meditations combined with self-love affirmations as well as shamanic drumming and hypnotic music induced by Zarathustra’s powerful third eye activation. At the end of this...

Inner Activation Workshop

Workshop Hours: Friday:       18:00 – 21:30. Saturday:   10:00-  18:00 Sunday  :    10:00- 17:00       For location, payment methods and other details please contact event coordinator. Exciting News! We are now offering Early Bird Registration. The first 20 people signing up at Zarathustra’s workshop will receive a reduced rate of Kr 2700.- instead of Kr 3200.- Take advantage of early bird registration and sign up today. What to bring to workshop? Make...

Testimonial to Zarathustra's workshop, Norway 2013

Testimonial to Zarathustra’s workshop, Norway 2013

Zarathustra's Magical Healing Work and Psychic Surgery

Zarathustra’s Magical Healing Work and Psychic Surgery

The Magical Healing of Zarathustra

The Magical Healing of Zarathustra